Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Lair of the Ogre Lord

Part 2 of a new Maudicor Adventure

Previously, I described how we had just defeated 2 trolls. From there, we entered a large room (13).

We heard a loud grunting noise, then were confronted by a hideous visage - a strange creature called a catoblepas.

It gazed at us and we felt the life draining from our bodies. Then the creature bolted in fear through an open door to our right. We decided to proceed the other way,

We entered another room with an altar (14). This one, however, emanated with a holy light. Wynne felt a surge of power flow through her. She knew that any undead she met would meet their end quickly. Again we passed through a couple of corridors (15-16), driving off centipedes along the way.

From there, we stayed left and then entered a narrow room (17) and were assaulted by the smell of death. The room was littered with bones and corpses - presumably the victims of the ogre. Suddenly, some of the bones animated and attacked us, Aganon, Wynne, and Kyda began laying waste to the skeletons. One grabbed Kyda and stabbed her repeatedly with a broken sword. Kyda smashed it with her magic sword. After the battle, Wynne healed Kyda and we applied bandages to our wounds.

We then backtracked through the winding corridor (16) and ran into a massive orc. Wynne smashed it with her mace then Aganon deflected its blows. Aganon and Wynne hit it again and I blasted it with fireball. Badly wounded, it fled.

We proceeded to a small room (18). Here, the giant ogre lord was asleep.

It rose instantly but we were upon it. Aganon and Wynne hacked and smashed it while Kyda peppered it with arrows. I used a scroll to cast a lightning bolt at it. The ogre swung at Aganon. He blocked the blow with his shield but the force knocked him to his knees. This gave Kyda a clear shot; her arrow pierced its eye. It howled in rage, swinging wildly. Wynne stepped in and dispatched it with a blow to the temple.

We found another scroll. With our mission complete, we rushed back to the exit. Fortunately, we met no resistance. We have now returned safely to the Holy Temple.

Game Note
Both parts of this adventure were played out using the standard rules for Four Against Darkness by Ganesha Games.

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