Saturday, May 28, 2016

Into the Sewers

Part 3 of A Can of Worms - A Kate and Kip Adventure

Last time, the heroic sacrifice of 2 Federation troopers allowed Kate and Kip to reach the pumping station. There they found a ooze-covered tunnel that led into the bowels of the city.

Proceeding down, they entered a labyrinth of passageways. They could hear the rushing of water nearby.

They turned a corner and found themselves confronted by a worm and a couple of slimes. Kip blasted a slime but the worm spit acid on Kate, wounding her badly.

Kate retreated to escape the acidic attacks. Kip blasted another slime. However, more worms began to converge.

Kip was hit! With both of our heroes wounded, they decided to retreat up the tunnel and find a defensive position.

What happened next? Did they defeat the worms? Find out next time on
The Adventures of Kate and Kip!

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