Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Cat Patrol

A New Adventure Using Ganesha Game's Four Against Darkness

The Cat Patrol consists of 4 party members:

  • Cooper, the warrior armed with sword, shield, and light armor
  • Thomasina, the cleric armed with a mace, shield, and light armor
  • Onyx, the rogue with light armor and a dagger
  • Ollie, the halfling with a short sword and sling. He carries a lantern

The party decided to explore a dungeon a little way outside of town. Below is what they mapped.
After entering the dungeon, they veered right through a corridor (1) into a small room (2). A swarm of vampire bats fled at their presence. They backtracked, passed through another small room (3) and entered a a third (4). A pervasive feeling of evil blanketed the room. Then, a ghost appeared and passed through Onyx. He was petrified with fright; Cooper nearly had to carry him out of the room.

In the next room (5), they met a wandering healer. What was he doing in the dungeon? He did not say. Alas, the party could not afford his services.

Next, they enter a room (6) filled with vampire frogs. They rushed to the attack. Thomasina smashed one with her mace. A frog leapt on Ollie and begas sucking his blood. Ollie stabbed it with his dagger and it fell dead. Cooper and Onyx killed two more, and the remainder hopped away. Thomasina bandaged Ollie's wound. Meanwhile, Onyx searched the room and found a necklace worth 150 gold pieces!

The next room (7) contained an altar. A sense of evil emanated from it. Again, Onyx felt paralyzed with fear, but Thomasina blessed him and he returned to his normal self. As Thomasina completed the blessing, a party of hobgoblins attacked. Our heroes parried the blows, then Cooper, Onyx, and Ollie put down their opponents. The rest fled.

The party had come to a dead end so they backtracked. The were nearly back at the entrance (4) when 3 trolls attacked. The party cut them down in an instance. As they paused to catch their breath, 2 of the trolls returned to life. Again, the heroes killed the trolls only to have them regenerate. A drawn-out battle began. Cooper was wounded twice. Finally, the party killed the trolls and hacked them to bits.

At this point, while an expensive piece of jewelry in their possession, the party decided to leave the dungeon.

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